Belly wrap

Belly wraps are created primarily for women during pregnancy and for postpartum recovery, but in terms of their intended use, our belly wraps are suitable for anyone who wants them after abdominal surgery, including corrective abdominoplasty (tummy tucks).

Belly wrap for pregnant women

It is recommended to start using the belly wrap according to how you feel - when you feel that you want additional support for your stomach and back when moving (usually around 28-30 weeks of pregnancy, when the stomach starts to grow more rapidly). The belly wrap "lifts" the stomach, thereby reducing the load on the lower back and thus reducing back tension and fatigue. The supported middle part of the body improves the feeling of the body and maintains a straighter posture, which in turn ensures a more efficient breathing function and better oxygen supply. The belly wrap is also suitable for the prevention of stretch marks. 

In summary, it can be said that our belly wrap is a good helper during pregnancy for common skeletal muscle system pains (e.g. pain in the lower back, sacrum, symphysis and hip area) and helps to feel more comfortable during pregnancy.

The belly wrap can be worn until childbirth because it is adjustable and "grows" with the belly.

Postpartum belly wrap

After giving birth, it is common to have a change in the sensation of the body and the sensation of the abdominal area. Abdominal muscles have been under extreme stretch for a long time, and a soft belly wrap provides them with just the right amount of support and compression.In the early recovery period, it is not wise to apply "get in shape quickly" solutions. It is recommended to avoid continuous holding in the stomach and waist trainer type corsets or clothing, which put excessive pressure on the middle part of the body and the pelvic floor and do not allow proper in and out breathing (slows down recovery). Prefer soft belly wraps or clothes with mild pressure.

The belly wrap protects and supports the postoperative sutures of a caesarean section. In addition to compression, a pleasantly cooling cold pack (included with the model with a gel pack) also provides a pain-relieving effect. 

Similar to the bandage worn during pregnancy (with the Mamaco bandage, only one belly band is needed), it helps you feel comfortable and enjoy being a mother to a new tiny human.

Abdominoplasty and belly wrap

Surgeons recommend wearing a belly wrap for 6-8 weeks after abdominoplasty or other abdominal surgeries, depending on the severity of the surgery. 

In the same way, as in a caesarean section, our belly wraps support the sutures and exert light pressure on the middle part of the body in the form of compression, accelerating the movement of fluids and reducing pain and swelling. The wrap is made of soft material and adjustable, you can start wearing it 24 hours after the operation, but you should act according to how you feel. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the product manual.