Soft belly wraps, recommended by physiotherapists and obstetricians.

One belly wrap:

during pregnancy

after labour

during C-section recovery


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Mamaco® is a local Estonian brand under which soft medical belly wraps are produced in Pärnu County. These belly support bands are designed primarily for women during pregnancy and postpartum recovery, but in terms of their intended use, they are suitable for everyone after abdominal surgery, including corrective abdominoplasty. 


Unique belly wraps in Estonia

Made from certified cotton and bamboo fabrics, these maternity belly bands differ greatly from other belly wraps on the Estonian market. First of all, in terms of the specifically selected materials, but also in terms of its functionality and the longest possible use time - one product is suitable for use during pregnancy and after childbirth. Different models offer abdominal and pelvic support as well as the option of thermotherapy for the lower abdomen and back, thus allowing you to do everyday activities with less pain. The idea was born from the personal need of a parent to find functional products that would make a woman's life easier during this challenging period.


Born out of necessity

"The idea to create the Mamaco belly wrap arose from my own need to find a functional pregnancy and postpartum abdominal bandage. Also from the desire to offer our customers an effective solution in a period when health concerns may intensify. Over the years I looked around, researched and tested different products. Now I have created a belly wrap that I dare to recommend to women both during pregnancy and after childbirth. I believe that a woman and her health are important and need just as much attention as the baby"

– Kadri Kruusmägi, women's health and infants physiotherapist and a mother of three –


Tervishoiutöötajad soovitavad

 “Mulle satub päris mitmeid rasedaid, kelle ämmakad soovitavad. Siiani kõik mu patsiendid väga rahul bandaažiga olnud.” Maris Perendi, füsioterapeut

“Mul käis täna üks 32 nädalat rase naine, kes ostis esialgu mingi muu bandaaži ja siis Mamaco oma. Ütles, et ei anna võrreldagi. Niii rahul oli ja kiitis taevani, demonstreeris mulle kui osav ta on selle tagasi panemises ja väga mõnusalt tundus see tal ümber olevat küll 👍🙂” – Maarja-Liis Stern, ämmaemand




Medical CE mark

This means that our bandages meet the requirements of the European Union medical device and safety standards. 

OEKO-TEX standard 100

With this certificate, you can be sure that all components used in the product are safe for the mother and baby. Tested against more than 100 common irritants. 

Recommended by medical workers. Domestic production

Medical professionals are confident in the performance of this product and dare to recommend it. Estonian product.